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Boy Howdy

The Lord of the Rings

Frisco Kid

Six Days of Saag Paneer
Shawna's Fresh Salsa
Hang the Journalists
Worm Casserole
Cats and Dogs
Magic: The Exposé
Lessons in Courtesy
Black Rock City: A Modern Utopia
Vote James Leo Dunn
My Life as a Traffic Cone
How to Lose Weight and Win Love
Hurrah For Kiddie Porn!
Bagel Famine Ravages San Francisco


Two from Catullus
How Long Would You Live?
Spicy Peanut Noodles


Freeze Your Goddamn Toes Off In 30 Easy Steps
Before You Call on Ukko…
Pushing the Needle Too Far: The Indigo Girls Exercise Video
Lactose Intolerance Will Not Be Tolerated
Teen Dystopia Series: The Babysitters' Club

Malachite Moonchild

Ask Mr. Machismo—he's a man!


Top 120 Vintage Thoroughbred Baby Names (1700-1890)
Snow Scare Slams East Coast
Saddam DOES TOO Have Weapons of Mass Destruction
Smart Ways to Save Water
Iron Tribute = Retribution
Are You Living in a Mercedes Lackey Novel?

Prof. Kilgore Trout

Beyond the Known Universe: Science Fiction and Fantasy Outside the Canon

Robert Cochran

Brother Hal: An Arkansas Institution

The Mad Libertarian

The Mad Libertarian (Transitive Verb)s the Kama Sutra
The Mad Libertarian (Transitive Verb)s the (Company) (Noun) Catalogue


Gollum's Backup Treasure
Get a Flat Tummy in 30 Seconds!
Black Tea Red Potatoes

Zoe Kinney

The Soaring Ecstacy of Destiny
RedFeather, by

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