How Long Would You Live?

buddha, by rotten elf

Been using your own body for bizarre scientific experiments? Got scurvy from an attempt to subsist solely on Snickers bars? (NB:  This actually happened to a Pennsyvania anthropology professor just a decade or two ago.) Stop putting yourself through these ordeals and turn instead to, your new source for offbeat nutritional information.

Granted, this website does not yet have any content (as of September 2002). However, we include the site so that our readers may seize this opportunity to aid in the advancement of scientific inquiry. For a succinct explanation of the project, which intends to find out how long a human being could survive eating various single foods, take a look at the site. The project began with one man staring at a container of Baco-Bits and wondering how long this "food" alone could sustain life.

For the answer to this and many other nagging nutritional questions, lend your expertise and ideas to the folks at The webmaster is currently seeking "nutritionists, historians of nutritional diseases, database gurus, food faddists, math geeks, and pirates." You can contact him at

In the interest of disclosure, I should note that the man with the Baco-Bits (which are vegan, by the way) is also my brother.

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Girasole is a New England yogini whose recent feats of bravery include attempting to teach grammar to college freshmen.

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