Smart Ways to Save Water

All across the United States — from Virginia, which has had a rainfall deficit of almost 9 inches this year, to California, where rainfall is 30% below normal — a persistent drought has spawned water restrictions, leaving public fountains dry in New York City and lawns thirsty in Los Angeles. Even if your town isn't subject to those annoying drought restrictions, there's plenty you can do to conserve water — and save on your utility bills while you're at it.

JellyfishStamps, by Therianthrope

Above all, learn to love water. Love it above all else — your spouse, your children, your country, your god. If you find it hard to break wasteful habits formed when water seemed cheap and plentiful, remember that what's heading down the drain is the same stuff the aqua bandits will be siphoning from your veins once the post-apocalyptic desert dystopia has come to pass.

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