The Mad Libertarian (Transitive Verb)s the (Company) (Noun) Catalogue

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Ravine, by Therianthrope


noun: a person, place, thing, or idea
Examples: train, supernova, fruitbat, understanding

pl. noun: more than one of a particular noun
Examples: mice, curtains, scissors, ambiguities

abst. noun: an abstract noun; a thing or idea that does not have a physical shape and substance
Examples: virtue, calamity, audition, agreement

pl. abst. noun: more than one of a particular abstract noun
Examples: affections, rules, indiscretions, foibles

verb: an action
Examples: seek, shimmer, prosper, turn

tr. verb: a transitive verb; a verb that requires an object
Examples: make, ask, help, ruin

int. verb: an intransitive verb; a verb that does not have an object
Examples: sleep, fume, wink, linger

adj.: an adjective; a word that describes a noun
Examples: lovely, green, preposterous, convoluted

emotion adj.: an adjective denoting emotion
Examples: angry, joyful, confused, smug

color: a color; can be more than one word
Examples: magenta, raven black, opalescent, robin's egg blue

adv.: an adverb; a word that describes a verb, or — less often — an adjective
Examples: well, quickly, poorly, suddenly

body part: usually assumed to be human, but it doesn't have to be
Examples: brain, tentacle, liver, skin

pl. body part: more than one of a particular body part, or a body part that a being has more than one of
Examples: hooves, kidneys, eyes, muscles

subst.: a substance
Examples: clay, gravel, Tiger Balm, cream cheese

liquid: a liquid
Examples: blood, milk, gasoline, Rogue Mocha Porter

ter.: terrain
Examples: tundra, rainforest, savannah, pavement

food: something that someone (or something) would eat
Examples: tofu, beef stew, fruit salad, eucalyptus leaves

prof.: a member of a particular profession
Examples: doctor, ditchdigger, leechwife, contortionist

spec. place: a specific place
Examples: Niagara Falls, Home Depot, Red Square, Podunk Junior College

gen. place: a generic setting or type of place
Examples: post office, mountain top, locker room, hospital

city, state, country, or continent: I think this one is self-explanatory
Examples: Bangalore, Kerala, India, Asia

name: the full name of a person, or as much of it as they usually use
Examples: George W. Bush, Charlotte Perkins Gilman, Marilyn Wann, k.d. lang

first name: a first or given name
Examples: Vijay, Rosalba, Dmitri, Mary Sue

last name: a last name or surname
Examples: Li, Bagthorpe, Williams, Gudrunsdotter

female name: usually just a first name
Examples: Alice, Rashida, Miriam, Drew

male name: usually just a first name
Examples: Biff, Ivan, Timothy, Drew

celebrity: a famous person from any era or field of expertise
Examples: Cher, Kubla Khan, Ursula K. Le Guin, Sir Isaac Newton

supernatural being: an imaginary or magical being
Examples: vampire, ghost, hamadryad, Jehovah

deity: a god or goddess, either major or minor
Examples: Buddha, Mnemosyne, Loki, Lilith

exclamation: usually something that is only used as an exclamation
Examples: Whoa, Nelly! Heavens to Betsy! Gadzooks! S'blood!

greeting: a greeting of any kind, in any language
Examples: Yo! Hark! How ya doin'? Privyet!

RedFeather, by

The Mad Libertarian was born in a(n) (substance) (container) to a pair of starving (pl. prof.) in the smoking ruins of (city or town) on (date). Although (past tense tr. verb) by many (pl. noun) and (past tense tr. verb) by his (adj.) (noun), he has not yet met his (terrible fate).

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